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Monday, May 16, 2011

DWFplus for Revit 2012

Well, it has been forever since I've last posted... I missed the release of the 2012 API and a variety of other announcements. But I'm trying to get back on the horse.

To that end - a quick video to show what I think is a cool new feature of our Utilities for Revit 2012 product - a new utility called "DWFplus".

If you've ever looked at distributing a DWF file, and figuring that Revit ought to be making it chock-full of all my BIM data... you may have been slightly disappointed. The rules for when Revit published a parameter or didn't were arcane - and I'm still not sure if we've accurately reverse engineered them. And certain features like hyperlinks... how is it that AutoCAD can have hyperlinks but not Revit!

So DWFplus is an attempt to change that. It starts with a regular DWF export, but adds in a variety of neat stuff:

  • All parameters (or selected parameters) that you want to publish

  • Parameters are attached to Tags - not just the elements

  • Includes 2D Hyperlinks for any URL parameters (even multiples)

  • Parameters are published in 3D as well as 2D.

  • Includes some neat 3d viewpoints for 3D DWF views.

Here's a little video to demonstrate:

Note: IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit is available here, and is free for clients that keep their Revit subscription with IMAGINiT.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Autodesk Design Review now free - features and pondering...

Another nice gift from Autodesk... Autodesk Design Review is now free.

This will be a nice enhancement to people who already were using DWF for viewing, but didn't want to fork out the $199 for the ability to measure and redline the DWF files.

An interesting feature
A feature of Autodesk Design Review that I noticed for the first time recently is that it can open a few file types that I hadn't concentrated on before. If you go to "File + Open" and look at the types supported, it includes not just DWF but also image formats such as TIF/GIF/PNG/JPG as well as some older engineering formats CALS and IG4 (which I think is IGES).

While you've probably got your share of ways to view the image files, it's nice when you can have a single application that can view all those file formats (plus DWF) in a single environment. What's more, Design Review can batch print them to scale... You could even markup a TIF file, I bet. Not bad. (We used to have a multi-format viewer called IntraVision way back in the day - I think it's now owned by Spatial Components - but it's nice that they're giving them away these days).

We'll probably look at adding this behavior to our Product Browser application (which views files inside of Autodesk Productstream) - using ADR as a consolidated viewing application.

Point to Ponder
Does this represent another tactic in the battle between DWF and PDF? With PDF's recent opening of the format to the ISO committee - is this Autodesk's move? to make the review/markup/create tool free? It makes some sense to me.

Friday, December 01, 2006

What's Hot a Autodesk University? DWF...

This has been true for some years at AU - but this year it was definitely pervasive. Everywhere you looked people were touting DWF, and doing more and more with it. The (unofficial?) theme of the conference seemed to be "Experience it before you build it" - and DWF was a big part of that.

Windows Vista and DWF
One of the classic objections to pervasive use of DWF has been that "my customers know and have Acrobat Reader - they don't have this DWF thing, and they won't download it". Autodesk has pulled off quite a coup - while they didn't get the DWF Viewer included into Vista, they came close... They made DWF compatible with Microsoft's XPS (PDF competitor) spec... So Vista will be able to view 2D DWFs NATIVELY... Of course, it won't support 3D - but it will CERTAINLY help the adoption of DWF in the marketplace over the longer term (it's too bad that Vista adoption will be so slow).

Editor's Clarification: From Scott Sheppard, DWF Evangelist... It will just be the new DWF 7.0 standard files which is viewable via Microsoft XPS Viewer. XPS Viewer will also be backported to Windows XP as well. Also look for a new file extension: DWFx for future versions.

DWF Freewheel
One of the most interesting technologies I've seen lately has been Project Freewheel from Autodesk - a technology that uses AJAX (asynchronous Java and XML, and DHTML, etc) - to view DWF files on a web page with no viewer installed.

How does it work? Using only Javascript and web services, it requests that one of Autodesk's web servers render the view of your DWF file. Every time you pan and zoom, it does a quick round-trip to Autodesk to render it.

What's the downside? Well - I'm not sure if customers will have a hard time with the fact that the DWFs must be uploaded to Autodesk or otherwise publicly visible on the web in order to make use of the technology. I know that certainly manufacturing companies have been skeptical of such approaches in the past (raising the question, "how long before we see the Enterprise Freewheel project?").

The Freewheel sample has been been posted for a few months now - but only in 2D of course. Of course there was the inevitable question - what about 3D? And the word was that they were looking into it... But I was skeptical - that would mean some kind of capability of simulating 3D rotation in DHTML - and then re-rendering the 3D View dynamically... But they've done it!
That is quite the technical accomplishment...

Check out:

If I had to guess, I think that they might be pre-rendering a bunch of low-resolution shots of different angles... Still impressive.