Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vault Utility with Civil3D

The introduction of Autodesk Vault into the Civil3D product line is generating some interest in the custom work we've done with Vault... in particular:

  • Automated Vault Backup, which not only schedules the backup, but also sends the admin a nice report about the status of the backup.
  • Active Directory Integration, batch-load a bunch of users from Active Directory into Vault, or even do synchronization and/or authentication against any LDAP database.

New Project from Template Tool

We also just completed a tool which addresses something that doesn't seem quite right... the lack of a template project infrastructure within Vault/Civil3D. While Vault can do a "Design Copy", that typically works against a single parent file, rather than a whole folder. Our tool allows you to point to multiple Vault folders as "templates", and makes it easy to get a new project folder with all of the files renamed with a job name/number (and all the XREFs preserved).

These are still custom solutions (not packaged)... but if anyone had interest in them, drop a line to