Monday, July 20, 2009

Avatech Utilities for Revit

We finally got our Avatech Utilities for Revit launched a month or so ago. We've added to the list of utilities as well:

  • Room Renumber
  • Change Case
  • Space Update (New)
  • Grid Select (New)
  • Door Mark Update
  • RevitCity Content Browser
  • Earth Connector
  • Room Phase Copy (New)

Unfortunately - we came to a hard decision... because of the amount of effort it takes to produce, support and update these utilities on an ongoing basis - we have to start charging money for them.

Because we didn't really give any warning on this - we wanted to make this as fair as possible for the 2010 release.

As such, we did the following:

  • Avatech Utilities for Revit LITE - this will continue to be free (it's made up of the top four utilities above).
  • Avatech Utilities for Revit - will be offered for $395 USD / seat

To take care of all of the people who had previously downloaded the software- we've put in a one-time program to give previous downloaders 5 standalone seats of the software (this was sent via e-mail to the address which was registered during the download). You should have received the second and final notice of this program today (so if you're thinking "where was that?" you might want to check your junk mail folder or something like that).

Finally, there will be other special offers for customers who purchase their Revit software through Avatech (which I realize is only a fraction of the total audience - sorry!).

While this has been a bit tough for us to work through - I'm looking forward to what this means - we should be able to do a better job growing and releasing more utilities in the future.


Getting back into the swing of things

I apologize! I've committed the cardinal sin of blogging - not doing it once you got started.

But you know how it is - work gets busy, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In any case - I think it's back to a level where I can blog occasionally... and I'm looking forward to it. Now if I can just remember all the ideas I had while I've been "away".