Friday, March 17, 2006

Back from Autodesk One Team

I just spent the better part of this week at the Autodesk OneTeam conference in Las Vegas...
And I'm trying to gather my thoughts that are relevant to this blog - but I think I have to expand a little bit...

Revit Building Systems
This is the first time that I had seen the new Revit Building Systems... And it's very, very, very impressive (at least to a non-building engineer like myself). Revit is really shaping up to be the hot package for the entire building design process. For those of you who aren't in the space, the term "Building Systems" refers to MEP - Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical and Plumbing. The "systems" that architects generally do their best to hide from your view - but that ultimately have a big impact.

Of course, from an API perspective - it still has a ways to go... we keep running smack into the edge of the envelope when we've been involved in prototypes - but it will get there.

As a side note on an API for the Revit Building Systems (RBS), while I'm pretty sure that there's no API - I can tell you that there are what seems like 1000 exposed parameters relating to RBS in the API... Things like RBS_PIPE_STATIC_PRESSURE... So that makes me think that at least the energy analysis applications will have enough to work with.

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