Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Earth Connector for Revit is in Beta

The sequel (sort of) to our Earth Connector for AutoCAD is available for beta-testing (if you're interested, drop a line to

It works with Revit 8.1 or 9.0, and it takes your Revit design and creates a Google Earth KMZ file which can be sent/shared with others.

What's exciting about this release, for Revit users, is that the KMZ model retains a nice structure, organized by:

  • Revit Category (such as floors, roofs, walls)
  • Revit Element (so individual walls, doors, roofs and floors can be toggled on and off)
  • Specific Geometry

The user has the option of specifying whether to include all Revit parameter BIM data attached to each Revit Element.

And as compared to the AutoCAD version, in the Revit version it will not be necessary to "prepare" the model - everything will come over as-is.

For you Revit users that like to collaborate or just communicate with owners, contractors and others - Earth Connector Revit will be a compelling way to do it!

Want to see a sample? If you have Google Earth, look here.

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Bilal Succar said...

Hello Matt,
I've read all your posts in the past few minutes and let me tell you that you left me hungry for more!
As a BIM enthusiast with minimal (if any) programming knowledge, I feel your blog has the right mix and depth. I only wish you write more frequently and add an RSS feeder.
Many thanks