Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Beta Season

In the Autodesk world, November/December/January/February is "beta-time", where the Autodesk products that will be released in the spring start enjoying their "first-looks" by outsiders (at least the first large-scale looks).

It's an exciting time - what's new? what's been fixed? what's been upgraded? what new things are possible? This is the part of the year where I get the most excited- but to some degree a little frustrated. All Autodesk betas are covered by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, so I can't write about them until each individual product's "embargo" is lifted.

I do most of my writing in this blog in the spring when the embargo comes out - but now is the season where I start to get inspired about what to write about.

In any case, I'll probably be relatively silent for a couple months - but look forward to some good columns come late winter/early spring, when the NDA "thaws".


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