Thursday, November 15, 2007

Avatech's Revit Utilities

We've kicked this idea around internally at Avatech for a while, and I'm happy to say that we're finally going ahead with it.

We're taking four relatively simple Revit applications that we developed to support our Revit clients, and we're releasing them to the public today.

  • Room Renumbering (re-numbering or inserting rooms in a sequence)
  • Door Mark Update (to make the mark match the room it swings into)
  • Change Case (for those of you with, you know, real standards for things like UPPER CASE, lower case and Title Case).
  • RevitCity Browser (to make it easier to grab and use the content you want - while organizing it properly at the same time).

We've also released a minor update to the Earth Connector product for Revit (which I'll post on seperately).

The Press Release is here.

The Avatech page for the Revit Utilities is here.

I hope that the Revit community finds these tools helpful. Questions or comments on the tools can be directed to:

devfeedback (at)


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