Monday, May 16, 2011

DWFplus for Revit 2012

Well, it has been forever since I've last posted... I missed the release of the 2012 API and a variety of other announcements. But I'm trying to get back on the horse.

To that end - a quick video to show what I think is a cool new feature of our Utilities for Revit 2012 product - a new utility called "DWFplus".

If you've ever looked at distributing a DWF file, and figuring that Revit ought to be making it chock-full of all my BIM data... you may have been slightly disappointed. The rules for when Revit published a parameter or didn't were arcane - and I'm still not sure if we've accurately reverse engineered them. And certain features like hyperlinks... how is it that AutoCAD can have hyperlinks but not Revit!

So DWFplus is an attempt to change that. It starts with a regular DWF export, but adds in a variety of neat stuff:

  • All parameters (or selected parameters) that you want to publish

  • Parameters are attached to Tags - not just the elements

  • Includes 2D Hyperlinks for any URL parameters (even multiples)

  • Parameters are published in 3D as well as 2D.

  • Includes some neat 3d viewpoints for 3D DWF views.

Here's a little video to demonstrate:

Note: IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit is available here, and is free for clients that keep their Revit subscription with IMAGINiT.


MFK said...

Matt, your DWF plus looks like it is doing what I always wanted in a DWF. Does it, or can it extract the same data that you can view from an IFC export in Revit? For example IFC will report a Gross Square Footage of wall, where as DWF will only report the Net SF (openings deducted). There are also many other examples where the DWF is limited. My company would be interested in something custom using DWFplus as a starting point, if that service is available.

Matt Mason said...

I don't think the gross numbers are automatically available, but with just a little customization, I think it can be done.
For custom work, send an email to Tom Angert (tangert at

Al Dean said...

Glad to see this out there! Very useful. Thanks! Al