Friday, March 03, 2006


I'd like to compliment Fenton Web over at Autodesk Developer Network for introducing a tool to help understand the Revit API: RevitDbg...

Similar tools have been developed on the AutoCAD and ADT side for some time - but this is the first time that it's been done for Revit... Fenton also gets style points for using Reflection in .NET - which lets the application look back at itself and tell you what it sees - very handy for explaining all of the datastructures associated with Revit (although perhaps a little slow when running against a gazillion possible parameters on every element - and I only jest a little).

The tool works by scanning the entire model (bad idea - it's on the slow side) or by scanning the selected elements and telling you all of the information associated with each element (down sometimes 10 levels in a tree).

It's simple but good - and it's the kind of thing that will make all the difference in whether people pick up the API and try projects - by letting them easily see if the information that they need is "in there".

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