Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Revit 2008 API: Import/Export of DWG/DWF/Image

One of the things that always seemed like a missing capability of any "end-to-end" kind of automation of Revit was that there was no good way to save your work - or better, save it back to DWG so that the AutoCAD crowd could see your work. I know that we worked with a variety of companies to explore how to do "batch save as DWG" on a nightly basis!

Well - I'm quite happy to say that Autodesk has added Import/Export of both DWG and DWF, as well as import of Image files. I suspect that the Image file import is to help tie Revit to various survey or aerial photo applications (whether it's Google Earth or otherwise).

All of the Import/Export tools come with a wide variety of options setting as well - so you get the sense that the processes have been well thought out.

(The wheels are churning in my mind of all the fun things that are now possible).

(In this series of postings, I'll continue to provide short commentary on what's new in the Revit 2008 API, and why I think it's interesting).

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