Monday, November 17, 2008

Jeremy Tammik is a MACHINE!

Recently I mentioned that Jeremy Tammik from Autodesk was starting a blog about developing software with Revit... and he's kept it up at a "blistering" pace - one very solid post every other day just about. It's scary.

It's particularly scary for me, since I'm doing an "Advanced Revit API" class at Autodesk University this year. It's a good thing that Jeremy only started recently - otherwise he would have overrun my class content :) within a few months.

But seriously, though - if you're interested in the Revit API, and how to push it beyond the basics, Jeremy's blog is building a wealth of knowledge.


Jeremy Tammik said...

Oh, wow, Matt, thank you for the kudos. And thanks to Monika for pointing it out to me. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Autodesk University soon!

Unknown said...

I try to Import an image with the RevitAPI.
Have you ever done it with the RevitAPI?