Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's New in the Revit 2010 API

One of my favorite blog topics of the year is here - the "What's New" posts, describing the new capabilities of the API (application programming interface) for Revit.

In this series of posts, I'll try to lay out both what's new and what it might mean for you.

Since introducing a small .NET API in Revit 8, the API has doubled in size for each release. Obviously, that's not sustainable the bigger the API gets - and while I'm not sure of the "actual" size increase of the 2010 release, I can say that it's impressive in both size and thoughtfulness.

There is so much new, that we will break up the posts as follows

Whew! Even breaking it up into this many pieces, these are still going to be some large topics. I'd better get started.


Unknown said...

Matt, thank you for this series.
How do you actually get your hands on the SDK? Is there a sort of developer preview program?

Unknown said...

Hi Matt,

thank you for this insight, I am desperately looking fwd to these changes, esp. families.
Is there a sort of developer program you have to step into in order to test these future releases? Are the API preliminary docs available somewhere?
Cheers Jakob

Matt Mason said...


No problem - it's an exciting time of year.

In terms of getting your hands on the SDK - it's now included in the Revit 2010 Installation. To get Revit 2010, I think you have to be a part of either Autodesk Developer Network or the Autodesk MyFeedback beta portal.

I would imagine the software will be publicly released this month (although I don't know for certain).