Friday, May 08, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 Voting

Hi there, readers...

Today is the last day of public voting for the Autodesk University 2009 conference...

I've submitted three classes and I'd REALLY appreciate your vote:

  • Deep Dive on the Revit API: Advanced Topics
  • The Power of Creation in the Revit API
  • Check It! Building Check Plugins for BIMreview

You can vote at:

AU Session Selection



Cornel said...

Hi Matt,

My message has no relevance with your last posting, but I don't know how to solve tis problem.

I have started recently to be interested in learning Revit API and I was following the postings on "The Building coder" using a RSS feed configured in Outlook. Everything was OK until recently, when something seems to have happened with the server, because each and every time I click on the "View article..." link, the browser is not able to load the page at

The message I got is:

"The connection with the server was reset while loading the page.
The connection to the network was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again."
Even if I click on older postings, the same happens. It's been already a week since it's happening and I'm quite unhappy with the situation. Can you please help somehow, alert Jeremy, make him aware of the situation ?

Thanks in advance,

Constantin C. Gherasim

Thanks in advance,

Matt Mason said...


I would also be disturbed if I couldn't read his blog...

That said - it looks fine to me... So I'm thinking that it's something with your computer, router or ISP.

Best Regards,