Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Revit API – 2011 Edition – What’s New?

For the past few years, I’ve done a series of posts describing what’s new and possible in the latest version of Revit and it’s Application Programming Interface (API). For the uninitiated, the API is the series of mechanisms that Autodesk provides to be able to drive or analyze Revit through programming.

2011 represents a watershed year in the ongoing development of the Revit API. Autodesk has taken the opportunity to re-work the API to better match how Revit works internally – and at the same time to do some amazing new things.

Over the following series of posts, I hope to cover topics such as:

  1. Upgrading Existing Revit API commands/applications
  2. New Deployment Methods
  3. The New UI vs. Database split.
  4. New Ribbon Capabilities
  5. Element Iteration Changes
  6. Ooh-ooh Pick Me! New Selection Methods
  7. Dynamic Model Update
  8. Event Model Changes
  9. RevitLookup: The New RevitMgdDbg
  10. Revit AddIn Manager: Almost Edit & Continue
  11. What’s New in Element Creation?
  12. Exceptional Stuff
  13. What Kinds of Applications are Possible Now?
  14. And More…


Unknown said...

Where would I find info about an API to get space and room data out of Revit models?

Matt Mason said...


You can get started with the Revit API with the following link:

On the same page there are webcasts and such for getting started.

For specifics, you'll be looking for the Room and Space object fields - but beyond that, you'll want to get a copy of Revit and use the RevitLookup application to see the hundreds of parameters that are associated with rooms and spaces.

Good Luck!