Thursday, April 08, 2010

Revit 2011 API: SDK Posted (a while ago)

We’re all still waiting anxiously for the official Revit 2011 product to become available… They set the expectation for today – but it’s not there yet! and it’s 7:58 AM! What’s the deal? :)

That said – I noticed last night that the final Revit 2011 SDK is available as a standalone download on the ADN page (posted back on 4/1 – and I didn’t notice).

In other news, I hope to get back onto posting the rest of my 2011 articles – I’m just temporarily buried in project work.

[Editor: And I can see that I have to go back and add to a few previously written articles. I can see at least 15 enhancements in the new SDK that were added late enough in the process that I was unaware of them! Woo-hoo, more toys!]

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