Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Autodesk Introduces Inventor LT

In somewhat of a suprise move (at least to me - apparently I'm out of the loop), Autodesk has introduced a "Limited" version of it's 3D Mechanical Inventor software. Conceptually - I suppose it should work much like AutoCAD vs. AutoCAD LT, with LT being the choice of users who don't really need the full capabilities of the Inventor software.

What's missing? well, from a developer's perspective - everything! Similar to the restrictions on AutoCAD LT, Inventor LT will not allow any 3rd party development to work with it.

But beyond that restriction - it's a pretty good deal (especially while it's free). If nothing else, you get full part modeling support, rendering, DWF publishing, translation (including UGNX, Parasolid and Pro/E Granite import and export).


Scott Sheppard said...

LT stands for "Limited Technology" - even for AutoCAD LT. So when we talk about this new application, we say Autodesk Inventor LT and not "light." We never say light. I don't know if they fine us a dollar or something for saying "light," but it really is LT.

Matt Mason said...

Autodesk will undoubtedly find a way to fine me (they're very creative at motivating), so I've changed it to say "Limited".