Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Earth Connector for Revit 2008 Posted

We've posted an update to Earth Connector for Revit on our website which will support the 2008 line of Revit products.

While I know that Autodesk has announced that they will be offering Google Earth support in conjunction with Revit 2008, it's not available as of yet - and we've been getting requests for an Earth Connector update. We've actually known this was coming for about a year, but opted to develop Earth Connector anyway, in order to explore the API and enable people to work with the great combination of Revit and Google Earth during the past year.

We're interested to see what Autodesk's version will be like... I anticipate it will be somewhat more like their AutoCAD version (including the ability to import the site image from Google Earth - a new capability enabled by the 2008 API). I'm hoping that they have invested where we did not - in KML 2.1 support (including textures, family instances, etc) - that will make for some neat (and smaller) models!

In the meantime (and afterwards too), Earth Connector is there for you.

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